Wafer、Housing、Terminals、Cable Assembly、Wire Harness Series

Product photo Model Description Pitch Mounting Type Number of Pins Product status
DS1070-08 DS1070-08 2.54mm wafer H=12.6mm Type 2.54mm V/T 2~8 On Sale
DS1069 DS1069 2.50mm Wafer & Housing XH Type 2.50mm V/T,R/A 2~20 On Sale
DS1069-01 DS1069-01 2.50mm Wafer & Housing EH Type 2.50mm V/T / R/A / Crimp 2~20 On Sale
DS1069-02 DS1069-02 2.50mm Wafer & Housing EL Type 2.50mm Crimp 2~6 On Sale
DS1069-03 DS1069-03 2.50mm Wafer & Housing 2.50mm V/T / R/A / Crimp 2~20 On Sale
DS1069-04 DS1069-04 2.5mm New XH Type W/ Double Lock 2.50mm V/T / R/A / Crimp 2 On Sale
DS1069-05 DS1069-05 2.5mm New XH Type W/ Single Lock 2.50mm V/T / Crimp 3~10 On Sale
DS1069-06 DS1069-06 2.5mm New XH + SCN Type W/ Crimp Wire 2.50mm V/T / Crimp 3~20 On Sale
DS1069-07 DS1069-07 2.5mm New XH Type Double Row Type 2.50mm V/T / Crimp 2*4~2*20 On Sale
DS1069-08 DS1069-08 2.5mm XHB Type 2.50mm V/T 2~15 On Sale
DS1069-09 DS1069-09 2*20Pin TJC8 TYPE+2*20Pin XH TYPE CABLE,TIN PLATING OVER ALL 2.50mm Crimp & Crimp+soldering 2*2~2*20 On Sale
DS1069-10 DS1069-10 2.5mm XH+SCN TYPE CABLE WITH CRIMP+SOLDERING 2.50mm Crimp & Crimp+soldering 3~15 On Sale
DS1069-11 DS1069-11 2.50mm XH Wafer SMT Type 2.50mm V/T SMT / R/A SMT 2~12 On Sale
DS1069-12 DS1069-12 2.5mm New XH Type W/ Single Lock 2.50mm V/T / R/A 2~15 On Sale
DS1069-13 DS1069-13 Full New 2.5mm XH+SCN Type Cable With Crimp+Soldering 2.50mm Crimp & Crimp+soldering 2 On Sale