1.25mm wafer series

Product photo Model Description Pitch Mounting Type Number of Pins Product status
DS1020-02 DS1020-02 1.25mm Wafer R/A SMT Type 1.25mm SMT 02~16 On Sale
DS1020-03 DS1020-03 1.25mm Wafer V/T SMT & Crimp Type 1.25mm SMT,Crimp 02~16 On Sale
DS1147-04 DS1147-04 1.25mm GH Wafer V/T SMT & Crimp Type 1.25mm 焊接式 02~20 On Sale
DS1147-05 DS1147-05 1.25mm Wafer V/T & R/A Type 1.25mm V/T&R/A 02~16 On Sale
DS1147-06 DS1147-06 1.25mm Wire To Board Connectors 1.25mm SMT&铆接式 02~15 On Sale
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