2.00mm wafer series

Product photo Model Description Pitch Mounting Type Number of Pins Product status
DS1066-08 DS1066-08 2.00mm PH Wafer Horizontal SMT Type 2.00mm SMT 2~16 On Sale
DS1066-09 DS1066-09 2.00mm PHB R/A TYPE R/A 2*2~2*20 On Sale
DS1066-10 DS1066-10 2.00mm PHB V/T TYPE Wafer & Housing Crimp type 2.00mm V/T / Crimp 2*2~2*20 On Sale
DS1066-11 DS1066-11 2.00mm Wire To Wire Connector Type(51005 51006) 2.00mm Crimp 2~13 On Sale
DS1066-12 DS1066-12 2.00mm Wafer & Housing PA type 2.00mm V/T / R/A / Crimp 2~16 On Sale
DS1066-13 DS1066-13 2.00mm Wafer Upright SMT PA Type 2.00mm SMT 2~16 On Sale
DS1066-14 DS1066-14 2.00mm SMT 2~16 On Sale